Standing at the Start Line

So, here I stand. Not a beginner to exercise. Nor a novice to nutrition. I know what it is I am meant to be doing, I’m just not doing it. So, yet again, I find myself at the beginning {SO very good at beginnings! Gold star worthy even!} ready to go. A great starter. And *whispering* a terrible finisher. This time I am aided by Michelle Bridge’s 12WBT to help whip me into shape. Did I mention I have started this before but not finished? Good. Look at me go. Winning.  Just like a junkie having “one last hit” before sobriety, I am {in a complicated-metaphoric-non-literal-way} having “one last hit” of faith in my physical/mental self. Or something. It all begins on Monday 12th August. 4 more sleeps. Stay tuned!